Rio is a possible future supercontinent that will form in the next 300 million years. The name was created by It will form over warm waters that are 84°F in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. As Africa moves northeast it first will close the Indian Ocean. As the Americas move west, Australia and Eurasia will be moving east, making Australia with South America, and closing the Pacific Ocean. Australia will be with South America. In the  next 335 million years, Greenland broke into parts.

Formation(260-299 million years later)Edit

As Afro-Eurasia begins to make the Indian Ocean close 260 million years later, a tropical storm over the Pacific Ocean  gets into the Indian basin quickly and Africa is closing the basin. Tropical Storm Andrew was the tropical storm so Andrew moves to the Atlantic basin getting the name Alex. Tropical Storm Alex gets stronger as the ocean is 84*F. Tropical Storm Alex becomes a Category 1 hurricane. Hurricane Alex is the third hurricane during global warming. This will form Rio

Life(300-535 million years later)Edit

Rio will be long-lived. It will last for 235 million years. Rio will have North America, Southern Cone, Eurasia, Indian Subcontinent(India) and Africa. There is another supercontinent called Harvey-Rarer. Harvey-Rarer will be a short-lived supercontinent lasting from 300-365 million years later. Harvey-Rarer will have Western Australia, East Indian Subcontinent(East India) and Antarctica.

Rifting(536 million-1 billion years later)Edit

Rio will rift into 4 supercontinents: one is Leo-Gondwanaland, one is Leo-Laura-Asia, one is Harry-land, and the other is Clary-land.