A skeptic is an adherent or advocate of skepticism toward something like religion or in this case, global warming.

Global warming skeptics Edit

A global watming skeptic is someone who is questioning, or doesn't believe the concept of global warming. In todays society, many people who stick to only science and what they can see and touch, either don't take the time to learn about or just don't care, don't realize that global warming is science.

Why they should believe Edit

Scientists found out about global warming by the very real ozone layer hole----it's not something that a bunch of stupid hippies made up by themselves. Doesn't anyone else notice that winters have been getting warmer than winters should be? When global warming gets to it's peak (and that's a when not an if) point, it'll make for not only a dangerous day at the beach, but it will also make it so that we must stay inside at all times to keep from getting burned like ants outside under a magnifying glass.

How we can convince them to help Edit

Contribute to this wiki, put up flyers out of recycled paper (recycle them afterwards, or course), hold meetings at you're local library for skeptics, ask the town to have recycle bins next to every trash can, and just plain tell them!